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Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Taxes and Disability Benefits

When it comes to disability benefits, the type of benefits that you are collecting will determine whether they are taxable or tax free. How your disability benefits are taxed depend on who makes the payment and the deductibility of the premium payments. There are several types of disability insurance policies, including the ones listed below. » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Claims for an “Invisible Condition”

When an employee is unable to work because of a physical injury like a broken bone, a chronic back condition, or a serious illness like cancer or multiple sclerosis, the condition is obvious. The injury can be seen, and the illness can be verified through medical tests. However, there are some conditions that can be » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Knowing how and when to apply for Social Security benefits can be a confusing process, especially if a person is divorced. Clients often have questions about whether he or she is entitled to a portion of the ex-spouse’s benefits, and the best way to pursue collecting those benefits. Our Baltimore Social Security Disability lawyers share » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: SSDI Application Process

The number of people who applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from January to July of this year has decreased slightly from last year, a trend that is likely due to the aging workforce in the United States. Baltimore Social Security disability lawyers report that more baby boomers are reaching retirement, which means » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Tax Rules Affect Benefits

Individuals who have become disabled and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) rely on these benefits when their disability prevents them from working. What many people do not realize is that, under certain circumstances, their benefits must be reported as taxable income. Our Maryland Social Security Disability lawyers will explain » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: How to Qualify for SSDI

If you have been injured resulting in a disability that prevents you from returning to your job, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The amount of benefits you will be eligible for depends on your work record. This means that you will likely receive what your Social Security retirement benefit would have » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Benefits for Bone Fractures

A broken bone, also known as a bone fracture, can be extremely painful, often requiring a fair amount of time to fully heal. Some fractures heal relatively quickly without any complications, while more severe breaks can be more problematic. Depending on the location and severity of the injury, complications from a serious fracture can lead » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: No Cost of Living Adjustment Anticipated for 2017

For individuals collecting Social Security disability benefits, 2017 may be the second year in a row that they will not see a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). COLA is determined by the increase in inflation, but if the inflation rate is low – as it has been four times since 2010 – Social Security recipients do not » Read More

Baltimore Social Security Disability Lawyers: Can You Work While Collecting Benefits?

If you are currently collecting Social Security Disability benefits, you may wonder if you are allowed to work, especially if your benefits do not fully cover your living costs. Fortunately, you can continue to collect your benefits while working as long as you meet certain criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration. In order » Read More

Baltimore Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyers: What to Do When Your Claim is Denied

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, there are some things that you should know about how the system works, especially when you are considering whether or not to hire a Social Security disability lawyer. While you are certainly under no obligation to seek legal counsel at any point in to the process, you may » Read More